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Get Alkaline Easily & Enjoyably with Delicious Recipes, Daily Meal Plans, Shopping Lists & All of the Training You Need to Get the Energy, Body and Vitality of Your Dreams

The Alkaline Beginner’s Course is your ultimate, step-by-step guide to getting alkaline easily and enjoyably.  You will get to your best ever body, and the energy, vitality and health you’ve always dreamed of, without giving up everything you love.  

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  • Simple, easy-to-follow guides that teach you how to get alkaline FAST, while removing the confusion and complexity
  • Easy-to-make, DELICIOUS, highly-alkaline recipes (for breakfast, lunch, dinner and grab-and-go snacks)
  • Daily menu plans for 28 days to transition you gently to getting alkaline
  • Weekly grocery shopping lists – so you know exactly what foods and groceries to shop for
  • A ‘Beginners’ Alkaline Recipe Book with over 50+ mouthwatering, varied alkaline meals
  • Full, easy-to-digest training videos & guides (both video and written formats)
  • Kid-friendly (and husband/wife friendly) meals
  • And so much more, with all of the hard work, conflicting information and complexity removed!
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Get Alkaline and Look & Feel AMAZING
Without Giving Up Everything You Love…Without the Stress…Without the Cravings…Without the Confusion…

With the Alkaline Beginner’s Course you get instant access to everything you need to get alkaline, laid out for you step-by-step, in simple, managable bite-sized chunks, so you can get on with enjoying life, doing the things you love while safe in the knowledge that you’re getting more and more alkaline, with more and more energy, every single day.

  • You’ll get my guides to staying alkaline when you’re out of the home – whether that’s at work, travelling or socialising.
  •  You’ll get easy-to-digest video training that teaches you everything in managable, bite-sized chunks.
  • You’ll get over 50+ delicious, mouthwatering recipes that all of the family will love.
  • I will teach you exactly what to cook, what to eat, how to make healthy, easy snacks, quick, energising breakfasts and how to make sure you stay alkaline at work.
  • You’ll get my most delicious daily meal plans which start you SLOWLY on the alkaline diet and transition you gently until you’re living fully alkaline after 28 days.
  • You’ll get training on every mealtime and all of the most important information you need to know RIGHT NOW to get alkaline quickly and LOVE the process.
  • You’ll get all of the daily guidance, meal plans, shopping lists, exercise guides – everything is laid out for you step-by-step.
  • You’ll get simple to follow daily instructions, guides, cheat sheets and more…
  • …And you’ll get everything for LIFE!  Yes, you’ll get LIFETIME access to the whole course so you can do it at your own pace, when the time is right for you.

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What Is It? What’s Inside?

Here’s How I am Going to Get You THRIVING in Less than Four Weeks

When you sign up for the Alkaline Beginner’s Course you get instant access to:

  • My Most Powerful Premium Training on How to GET ALKALINE & Get the Health, Vitality, Energy & Body of Your Dreams: the Alkaline Beginners Course is guaranteed to get you from wherever you are now to living alkaline and thriving in 28 days while loving the process. I have made it so straightforward and I KNOW the most important, powerful steps you need to take to make a huge difference in your life without having to sacrifice everything you love.
  • Delicious, Easy Alkaline Meal Plans to Save You Time & Give You Energy: your next 28 days are planned out for you with delicious alkaline meal plans including my most fabulous, mouthwatering and most popular alkaline meals – including quick and easy alkaline breakfasts, energising lunches, delicious, filling dinners and easy grab and go alkaline snacks.
  • Fast But Powerful Daily Coaching (to Make it Simple & Easy without Taking Your Time): I know you don’t have the time to read War & Peace just to get alkaline. So for the next 10 days you’ll get a fast and effective daily training session from me, with recipes, worksheets, downloads and step-by-step guides. All of the thinking has been removed for you – meaning you can get alkaline with ease – without having to give up your life. I know how busy you are, so I’ve made it as easy as possible and as QUICK as possible for you to digest your daily coaching. And if videos are not your thing – don’t worry! You can access all of the information in written and audio formats – as well as video and you can download everything so you can take it at your own pace. In fact, you also get:
  • Lifetime Access So You Can Go at YOUR Pace: I also know that there is never a RIGHT time to change your diet, so there is no pressure on you to do everything TODAY. You get LIFETIME access to the Alkaline Beginner’s Course including all of the 60+ delicious recipes, 28-day meal plan, weekly shopping lists, videos, training, audio, downloads, cheat sheets, shortcut guides and more. There is no pressure on you at all!

alkaline beginners course: what you get

In the Alkaline Beginner’s Course you get all of this, everything you need to know to get alkaline and get the health and vitality of your dreams – and it is available to you IMMEDIATELY after you sign up.

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About Ross: Who Am I?

Ross BridgefordRoss Bridgeford is the co-owner and co-founder of, the World’s largest and most-respected Alkaline Diet site. He’s the creator of The Alkaline Weight Loss Solution, the Alkaline Cleanse Course & the Alkaline Beginner’s Course and the author of two Alkaline Diet Recipe Books, which have been sold in over 82 countries.

He’s written over 800 free guides on the alkaline diet and has coached thousands of people to their dream health over the past 9 years with the alkaline diet. Ross has worked with the likes of Dr Robert Young, Tony Robbins Companies, Joseph McClendon III, Chanson Water, Innerlight, pH Miracle & many more.

His alkaline diet blog is visited by over 2 million people each year, where he posts weekly updates, recipes and guides to living alkaline.

Dr Young on Ross

Free BONUS Alkaline Guides Worth $260+

As soon as you sign up you also get INSTANT, LIFETIME access to these fantastic bonus courses and guides, worth a combined $260! That’s nearly 3x what you are paying for the Alkaline Beginner’s Course today!

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    • Bonus One: Alkaline Bootcamp (value $77): You get the FULL recordings of my now legendary Alkaline Diet Bootcamp Seminar from 2012, featuring teaching from the Alkaline Diet nutritionists Gareth Edwards and Ronnie Ruiz. This live seminar cost $77 to attend – but you get the full recordings to watch at your own leisure, fully mobile compatible (for iPads, iPhones and other tablets) totally for free when you sign up to the Alkaline Beginner’s Course.This is the perfect compliment to the teaching and coaching you’ll get in the course – and includes incredible presentations on alkaline cooking, water and hydration, the digestive system and a powerful Q&A with the alkaline experts.
    • Bonus Two: Goal Setting Workshop (value $97): … which I have personally developed based on my years of experience and work with the likes of Tony Robbins Companies, Joseph McClendon III and more.This is a powerful, step-by-step process featuring videos, workbooks and more that will at least 10x your results from the Alkaline Beginner’s Course.And as the Beginner’s Course is yours for life, so is this Goal Setting Workshop – so you can use it again and again to set new goals whenever you want to take another giant leap forward in your life.The power in this workshop is immense. I have personally used it to start several businesses, get the health of my dreams, run a marathon and several long-distance races and so much more. It’s the best thing that ever happened to me! And it’s yours for free when you sign up today.
    • Bonus Three: Living Alkaline With a Non-Alkaline Family (value $47): this is the #1 reason why many people struggle with the alkaline diet: they want to live alkaline but they face resistance from the rest of their household and their husband or wife. They end up cooking two meals at every mealtime and facing endless push back from the people in their life. It’s just not sustainable. This course, which is an absolute bargain ANYWAY at $47 is also yours absolutely for free. This is fantastic for you on the Beginners Course because it removes one of the biggest challenges most people face and turns it into a HUGE win.
    • Bonus Four: How to Make Delicious Alkaline Breakfasts, Lunches, Dinners (value $47): in this incredible, hands-on course, I walk you through each mealtime and show you how to make the alkaline diet delicious, easy and simple to cook. You’ll be making irresistable, highly alkaline, nutrient-dense meals and I’ll show you how to do it in half the time and with half the fuss. Again, this is worth WAY more than the $47 that I’ve been selling it for but it’s also yours for free when you sign up to the Beginners course.

Combined Value of Bonuses: $268

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You’ll have lifetime access to over ten days of hands on coaching videos, fifty mouthwatering alkaline recipes to choose from, 28 days of meal plans, and the full training on how to get alkaline easily, enjoyably and with no willpower required PLUS the goal setting workshop, seminar videos and other bonuses (worth over $260).

Again – you really have nothing to lose. You can trial my training and see how much it impacts your life for sixty days, and if it’s not for you, you can get a full, 100% refund. If you don’t enjoy my training, my delicious alkaline meals, and start to feel amazing within these sixty days you simply get your money back – there is no risk for you at all. Think of it like a trial. If it’s not for you, that’s absolutely fine!

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Ignore the niggling pains and aches, the digestive issues, the skin conditions and go back to feeling tired, sick and frustrated at not fulfilling your health potential.

You can do that if you want to but if you’ve downloaded my alkaline food charts and watched this far into this video, you know what you’ve been doing so far to get the health you deserve just isn’t working. You can feel yourself yearning for more and you deserve more.

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Once again, there is no risk here. If you work with me and put into practice the simple steps in my alkaline coaching, and remember, I am assuring you there will be no surviving on willpower, giving up the foods you love, giving up your social life, stress, anxiety or cravings – I assure you 100% that I will get you alkaline, get you to beyond your health goals, feeling and looking sensational – whilst loving the process, finding it easy and enjoyable and most important of all – easy to stick to.

This is why I have had such amazing feedback over the years. People like these:

So now is the time to make your decision.

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Here’s to your health & loving the alkaline journey

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p.p.s.PLUS – you get the four amazing bonuses worth $268 AND my rock-solid 60-day 100% refund guarantee! You have nothing to lose by trying the Alkaline Beginner’s Course!

Our 60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

And to put you totally at ease – when you sign up it is at completely no risk to you.  You get the Alkaline Beginner’s Course right now, immediately and you get to try it completely risk-free for SIXTY whole days, and if it is not for you, then you can simply ask and I’ll give you a full refund.  No questions asked.I am that confident that this is going to benefit your life hugely, in ways you’d never think possible.In 60-days you could go through the whole course TWICE and still have time to make your decision on whether it’s been worth it for you.

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Hi, I’m Ross Bridgeford and for the past 9+ years I’ve taught thousands of people to reach the health of their dreams with the alkaline diet.

I’ve coached them to their best ever health and energy and in my nine years of experience I have discovered how getting alkaline can be SO easy, so much fun and so much easier to stick to than you’ve ever thought possible.

 And now I want to take you on that exact same journey to get you to YOUR best ever body.

I want to show you how you can get sesnational energy levels, clear, glowing skin, no more IBS, no more candida, no more reflux, no more fatigue – and a lean, strong and centred body, clear, calm thinking, fantastic moods and unstoppable confidence….easily, enjoyably and sustainably with my Alkaline Beginner’s Course:\ Ross Bridgeford